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Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus - an amazing flower of the night

Night Blooming Cereus
Full Moon Flower Essence         
This flower essence was made under a june full moon with some newly-wed friends who's night blooming cereus plant had entwined with two flowers and opened before our eyes over the course of the night. Both inspiring and creative people, it represented to me their love and the gradual unfolding of their creativity together.
The scent and open petals were moon-bathed in water and then made into a mother tincture..  Here is a love-infused flower essence made from that night.. There aren't so many studies as such for the properties of this flower essence, though i believe that through the doctorate of signatures this one speaks for herself.. It is for opening, passing through the dark night of the soul when that person is ready, heart chakra growth and relationship issues, finding you're own unique way to shine, clearing and sharing the heart and understanding impermanence with wisdom.