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Aloe vera harvesting

Walking home today I passed by a large amount of felled Aloe Vera out on the pavement for people to take - there was so much of it, that along with sleeping child and several bags, I could only take a small carrier bags worth of the juicy stalks and leaves...
I was left grateful and wondering... how am I going to process this? I have never done that before, except once actually, now I come to think of it in a salve experiment that eventually went rancid... too much water content..
Usually I break off a small leaf and use it as I need it, I have never had to deal with so much before it goes to waste!
So the discovery begins...
This is definitely an abundant widely available plant that is very useful for external use - especially for burns and sunburns, to soothe rashes and skin irritations as well as insect bites and stings, as a moisturizer and treat acne and spots, prevent wrinkles and stretch marks, soothe eczema and psoriasis, shrink warts .... And this is just for the external uses.. (for internal uses find a good organic source).

What I have learned is that you want the oldest, more potent leaves near the bottom of the plant and stand them in a container for 10 or so minutes to allow some of the juice to drain out naturally.

Then lie the leaf down on a cutting board and slice off the ends and serrated edges.
Cut into vertical halves and use a spoon to lightly but firmly scoop out the mucilage and gel.
Blend it and add Vitamin E to preserve it a bit longer and place it in a dark glass jar in the fridge.

Here goes...