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Handmade Herbal Medicinals

Tammuz Cancer Moon

Sign: Crab
Mode: Cardinal
Element: Water
Feminine, Yin,
Energetics: Cold/Damp
Body Parts: Breasts, Stomach, Mucosal Membranes.

Crab symbolizes home - emerging from the waters and living on the edge of the ocean and land, the in between zone, needing both protection and security (shell) and also needing to shed outgrown structures and find new spaces to grow and flourish.

At home in both water and land, physical and spiritual worlds, Cancer seeks to balance these two forces in their lives.
The quest is to embody the spiritual and integrate it physically.

Mugwort - vision/dreaming, spiritual ally.
Licorice - nourishes and moistens mucosal membranes, enables other herbs to harmonize, fusing properties into cohesive whole.
Frankincense - Levonyah potentiality, unity in diversity.

Acorus Calamus - grows in water and aids endurance and mental clarity

Lady's Mantle - Acts as an astringent on tissues that need extra boundaries and tone.

Key words for Cancer: Sovereignty, Balance, Visionary Warrior, Boundaries.