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Herbalists I know and love

Herbalists I know and love

Herbalists I know and love

Today I want to introduce you to my friend and wonderful herbalist, bodyworker, mother, writer of the soul, torah student and networker of jewish women, among many other things. Ariela Sharon. https://www.arielasharon.com/

We met and connected at an event at Manzanita Wellness a few years ago where I was teaching a Herbal Medicine making class. It came up that we were both seeking to study more about Herbal Medicine from a jewish perspective and decided to gather and learn and see what happened.

Ariela is about the most genuinely loving, warm and encouraging person I know. She is inspiring and full of incredible ideas and ways to manifest them. She builds communities of love wherever she goes. It has been an honor to get to know her and work along side her, and I look forward to future collaborations and to watching her grow in her journeys.

Ariela Sharon
Ariela Sharon is a creative, herbalist, and bodyworker, who loves working with women going through life transitions. She is currently a student at the McKinnon Institute and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has studied with ArborVitae, the Hadar Institute and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She believes that through our bodies, we can touch our souls.