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Kislev Moon Sagittarius

Kislev ~ This Moon brings us Dreaming, light in the darkness, mystery, transition, gateways, winter, miracles. Opening beyond fear to gaze in the darkness and see what is at root, take time to nourish our soil and see what we will dream into future seeds.
Astrology and Modes: Sagittarius Mutable, Fire, Jupiter, Yang.
Energetics - sympathetic warming, drying.
Antipathetic cooling, moistening.

Actions - Bitter taste and action helps ground Mutable (Vata) energy by anchoring our vital force down the spine and into our solar plexus. e.g. Dandelion which purifies blood and supports all the organs of digestion.
Tumeric (bitter and circulatory stimulant)

Jupiter is often associated with benevolence, abundance, higher wisdom, expansiveness. It is a gaseous planet, and can give rise to a tendency toward excess and overdoing things in terms of energy, eating, and using our resources.
In our bodies, Jupiter governs the arterial circulatory system, liver, gallbladder, digestion in terms of metabolism. Sagittarius rules the thighs, buttocks, hips and sciatic nerve.
Plants with broad leaves and oily nature fixed oils like Burdock root and seed, or volatile oils such as Sage are signatures of Jupiter and can help lubricate dryness and ground excess airy energy.

Mandrake root is very powerful and should only be used in small doses, under guidance of qualified health care practitioner. Used for treatment of chronic liver disease, bile imbalances, lymph and digestive troubles.

Oregon grape root - stimulates bile production and purifies blood. Contains Berberine and helps stimulate liver/gallbladder.

Circulatory Stimulant - Jupiter and Sagittarius both rule arteries, therefore we can apply herbs that increase our circulation and oxygen through blood, heart and brain e.g. Rosemary, Bacopa, Gingko.

Nervines - e.g. St Johns wort which is a specific for nerve pain, especially sciatic pain which is under the imbalances of Sagittarius. (Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs)

Kislev _ dreaming over the darkness, inside the dark, bringing to light the mystery of creation, allowing space and pause before the mystery, a place where magic can happen. Pausing to breathe and choose wisely before another journey or decision is made. Miracles happen when you least expect them, therefore release expectation. As in the miracle of Chanukah. Dissolve into the darkness where all possibilities can open up into new form.
The pause over the kiddish cup, a full brim of darkness and the utterance of prayers to bless the void and welcome shabbat.