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Elul Virgo Herbal Astrology


Elul means ‘full circle’
Herb Cassia
Zodiac Virgo; Planet - Mercury, 6th House of Health, work and service.
Earth. Feminine. Mutable.
Energetics - cold and dry

Elul is Month of Transformation. It is a bridge between Summer and Autumn. It begins the season of harvest, when we reap what we have sown and reflect upon the year with faith and trust that the dying, falling, ending cycles will be renewed in the spring. Like Demeter and Persephone, our Jewish tradition symbolizes the earths turn inward before new growth can occur.

The Hebrew letters that spell ELUL (Alef, lamed, vav, lamed) are an acronym for “Anee l’dodo v’l’dodi lee’ ~ ‘I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me’
Song of Songs

It speaks of longing and reaching out to the unknown other “because longing is something we have for the mystery of other” Miriam Maron
In Elul we prepare ourselves for the new, the unknown, and we need strength to reach beyond the fears and worries of the past or anxieties over the future and welcome what will come with open arms. We reflect on our past deeds to prepare the way for new growth.
In Virgo we move beyond the ego self established in Leo and practically apply the truth of who we are in service for the whole.
We show the more feminine, earthy analysis and self reflection of how we are acting in the world and how we can perfect our actions for the benefit of all.

Healthy bodies, communication, relationships are fostered by clear communication and connectivity between all parts.
Thus within our bodies we turn our focus on our nervous systems especially related to digestion, the nerve functioning of our gut.
Mercury ruling Virgo affects the liver, pancreas, small intestine and bile ducts, these organs are the seats of discrimination of what to take in and what to let go of. This is mirrored in the mental processes common to Virgo and this season, in attention to details, where we discriminate between what we reap and sow, (what food we let in to nourish us, and what we eliminate), striving for an ideal image of ourselves where we are of service to the whole (communication and nervous system).
When there is clear communication through our gut and nervous system we can relax more into ourselves as we are, seeing the constantly changing perfection of what is, rather than getting lost in the details and parts of an idealized image that is not embodied.

Herbs that can help support this time are ones that work with bitter, cholagogue (increasing secretion of bile from gallbladder), choleric (increases secretion of bile in liver) actions, as well as nerviness, relaxants, antispasmodics, carminatives and demulcents.
Virgo can be highly strung and thus any relaxing nervines and digestive remedies are beneficial.

Herbs I included in this months tea include;

Chamonile for it's relaxing and digestive support,
Blue Vervain for overly tense nervous and muscular skeletal system, as well as being cooling and bitter thus aiding digestion as well. Good for hot tense overly perfectionist types which Virgo's can tend toward.
Angelica aromatic bitter taste stimulates digestion and liver, relaxing to lungs and decreases spasms.
Agrimony - relaxing tension especially in those who hide behind a cheery face and who’s tension originates from work or business relationships (6th house) .
Licorice root - demulcent, soothing, synergistic, digestive tonic
Wood Betony ~ tonic for digestive tract, strengthens solar plexus so we can feel and trust our gut instincts.

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