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  • 1 Hour Herbal Initial Consultation
    1 Hour Herbal Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation is an hour long, and will involve drinking tea together and talking about many aspects of personal history including diet, lifestyle, past medical concerns and procedures, and present conditions.

    We will discuss your intentions and goals for your health, and come up with a workable plan to implement over the next few weeks. This will include aspects of herbal, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that will set the tone for long term health goals.

    Follow ups will be shorter, depending on the nature and severity of symptoms.
    Herbal medicine is not a magic bullet, one size fits all approach. In real terms, it requires time and commitment to untangle the web we have woven and adhere to new changes.

    Everything you say is confidential and will be treated with respect and without judgement.

  • Follow up 20 mins Consultation
    Follow up 20 mins Consultation

    More tea and empathy.. a follow up to our initial consultation to see how you are.