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bach flower remedies for post partum

Bach flower remedies for adapting to life after the birth

CeratoFor first time mums - this remedy can help you trust your innate wisdom on how to best care for your new baby.
ElmFor those who may feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of looking after a new baby, helps you to get a good perspective and look after your own needs as well as the baby's.
GentianMay be of help for those whose birthing experience was difficult, or those who feel discouraged or depressed
HollyFor those who might feel threatened by the new arrival to the family, e.g. jealous siblings or a partner who feels "left out."
OliveA classic remedy for new parents! Helps to address the tiredness and exhaustion that can occur after a long labour followed by sleep-deprived nights.
OakFor those who normally very capable but are struggling, with lack of sleep and work during the day e.g. mothers with other children.
PineThe remedy for guilt, many mothers experience this emotion, if they cannot give their absolute best all the time. Pine helps us to accept responsibility without self-condemnation.
Red ChestnutFor selfless concern and worry for others. A good remedy for those who are continually checking that their newborn is still breathing!
Star of BethlehemThis remedy helps to rebalance energy after the shock of birth, ideal for both mother and child. It is an ingredient of Five Flower / Rescue Remedy
WalnutAn invaluable for first time mothers to help them adapt to their new role. It also helps the newborn to adapt to life outside the womb.
How to take Bach remedies Add two drops of the chosen remedies to a 30ml bottle of spring water (special dropper bottles are available). Both mother and baby may take these diluted drops internally, but if you prefer, four drops of the mixture can be added to baby's bath or rubbed behind the ears. Discard the mixture after one week and make up another bottle with fresh water. Wash and sterilise the bottle and dropper before re-using.