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Spring Road Trip 2014

Spring road trip

point lobos 1

Point Lobos along the California Coast in Monterey. Stunning landscape of rocks and fresh, clear blue waters and lagoons where mermaids surely play and lure men to their doom Happy Whales migrating and seals barking. Family time away from school and routine and busy living into relax, nature-filled senses and appreciation and love for each other and where we live.
Ocean spray splashing away any cobwebs left over from winter and ushering the fresh negative ion filled rush of life into blood and veins.

point lobos 4

Trident and symbol of Venus made out of seaweed.


Waves crashing against the rocks where we stood gazing for Whales and breathing in the fresh salty air.

point lobos 3

My Girl grinding up rocks and mussel shells to make rock paint.

rock grinding