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an 'erbal ramble

Plants are inseparable from our lives, whether as food, medicine, shelter, or toilet paper... from tea and coffee, to wheat, wine and coca.. medicines used or abused, it all comes from plants.. as one of you said, much of our pharmaceutical basis is from plants, although not the whole plant but an extract of a chemical constituent, or part that works entirely differently when separated from the whole plant.
Thank God for medicine, in all forms... whether allopathic or naturopathic. If it is there and you need it, you will not be arguing ideals.. However, it seems to me that we can and need to learn a lot from both sides working together and one of the main problems of allopathic western medicine is that it fails to alter the main ingredient of lifestyle and diet and thinking... we are what we eat.. and even though it may serve us in the short term to take a pill that cuts the headache, lessens the pain, ultimately we do not deal with the root of the problem and why this is occuring in the first place.. and it probably will recur as long as we ignore and cover up the problem with a band aid and transfer our own capacity for healing in to the hands of doctors and pharmaceutical companies that honestly do not wish to see you take matters into your own hands and know how to heal yourself.
This is what Chinese medicine effectively does.. it addresses the body's imbalances and knows how to rebalance them so that the whole body is strengthened and nourished. As well as herbal medicine... yes it is potent.. a touch too much aconite and your heart stops beating.. and the dose is low... but a very effective pain killer when the dose is right... and it is all about dosage!
that goes for all foods and medicines..
It seems that what a ban on herbal medicine would truly prevent is the ability for us to learn, experiment and share knowledge with others, for ourselves, and take healing as an everyday birth and body right in to our own hands.. we do not need to be parented by the government and pharmaceutical industry on that, rather by educators, teachers, herbalists, medicine women and those who know, embody and can share their craft.