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Lauren has practiced Herbal Medicine for over fifteen years, making tea and tinctures for community and clients.
She has learned extensively and apprenticed with teachers in England, Israel and the U.S.

These Teachings have encompassed a wide range from Anatomy and Physiology, Body Systems and Energetics, Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, Curanderismo, Street Herbalism, Women's health, Pregnancy, Birth, Post Part, Mental Health, as well as Astrology, Medical Astrology, Kabbalah and Judaism.

Lauren has three children who have grown up on her potions!
Her focus has always been on Women's and Children's Health, especially during the childbearing years, as well as the more magical and alchemical use of herbs and flowers for emotional/mental well being.

www.imeinu.wordpress.com for her doula work.
Please contact for private consultations.

Lauren -510-478-5776
[email protected]

"I came to be a birth doula after having spent time working with the elderly and being present through many deaths. I wanted to see what life was like at the other gateway.
I also witnessed a number of women who were abused throughout their pregnancies and it became clear that access to support and choices around the childbearing years was crucial to the way we birth our feelings about ourselves as women as well as our relationship to our children and environment. 
I provide support to women through herbal medicine and nutritional advice as well as during labour as a birth doula.
I have three beautiful children, who are my heart and soul."

Anatomy and Physiology and Massage 2002, UK
Self study Herbal Medicine and Nutrition 1998-2003, UK
Birth Doula course - Jerusalem 2005
Herbal Medicine course on a Herb Farm and apprenticing - close to Jerusalem, 2005
Hispanic school of Herbalism - courses with Chuck Garcia 2006-2008
Advanced Herbal Medicine course with Matthew Wood -2010
Imeinu Doulas - practitioner 2012-present
Co-Created Fearless Birth CA - to aid low income women gain access to birth choices, 2013
Being mama for three kids 2008-ongoing! Ongoing Herbal Medicine classes too numerous to mention.
School of Evolutionary Herbalism - Astro Herbalism course 2017
Materia Medica 2018
Austere and Disaster Birthworker course - Herbal Medics Academy 2020

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