inner ramblings

Digging up the dirt
trying to revert
to days
I stopped waiting
of Creating
Mother Tara
Comes to Mind
Unveils the blind
in my soul
Reveal the whole
and face the fear
with waters clear
I dive the depths
And feel at home.


Spring Breeze
Open up
a little
the cobwebs
in my heart
the winter still
has made me
and cover up
a part of me
that grows when you
open up your arms
and take me
to your garden in the sun
flowers, scents,
bees and air
they grow inside me too.


Harmonic Concordance (14/11/03)

The Wisdom of Insecurity
Planetary Insanity
Gush of Wind
Sway of Tree
Real-eyesing dichotomy
Letting go
Leaves me
Tease me
a true dimensionality
Come with me
We will be


A swallow sweeps the orange sky
Twisting freely in the breeze
A little girl sits down nearby
Lost in thought at what she sees.
She sees the creatures calling and hears the forest cry
She knows she cannot change this place
but feels she has to try
A saddened world, the home of man
A lost and lonely place
A tangle of emotions
So longing for embrace
Don’t close your heart to what you feel,
Search deep inside your mind
Brush away the lonely tears and leave the pain behind
Teach yourself the words of truth
A wild chaotic prayer
Free your soul to the orange sky
And find the answers there.



Many, many thousands of years ago, things were balanced and the Mother and the Father lived in peace.
Their families grew.
Until one day, one member of the family discovered how to use the Mother to undo her work and recreate it in his/her own image.
He hurried.
He/She/You/Me created illusions which have unbalanced the planet.
Human Life is beautiful but infinitely grotesque.
Nature, after all, has no rules.
She does, now you come to mention it, demand respect.
A reality which humans have defined and constantly been ill capable of manifesting in the physical universe to all but their own kind.
Humans are given a choice - Ignore at your peril,
or ACT and do something about your new level of consciousness.
Love is the key to our understanding.
Love given is love received.
If ecstasy is to be experienced by a being it is obliged to move closer towards unity.
The isolator is the self appointed bad boy. Manipulative, himself isolated and plagued by physical malaise, he too will cry, eventually.
Giving energy freely, Loving.
Giving birth to ideas and nurturing their transition between ALUNA, the world of mind and spirit, and the dimension of manifest universe which we all share...
Within us is the infinite intelligence which creates nature.

loza's faerie