San Francisco Herb Walk with the Honourable Charles Garcia, Plant Man Extrodinaire!

Charles Garcia, an amazing herbalist
San Francisco Herb Walk with the Honourable Charles Garcia, Plant Man Extrodinaire!

May 10 2009
Here are some good to know things i learned today from Chuck Garcia  a wonderful herb teacher who is very knowledgeable about herbs in a practical down to earth, no nonsense way, always told with some real case studies as well as lore, ritual and magic thrown in to boot.. go take some classes..!! Plantain.. known as White Man's Foot as it was introduced when the White Man came to America.. it spread all over and grows pretty much underfoot. Not the banana-like plantain.. This plant is very helpful as a styptic.. arrests the flow of blood and is cooling and drawing. It is good for bites, stings, cuts etc.. Pick the leaf and chew it into a poultice that you can place directly on the skin. Also the blossom contains little seeds that you can shake out. Use a few handfuls on a daily basis can be helpful for allergies!! Clover -  Can be used for stomach aches. Very mild nervine, and flowers relieve constipation.. munch a few handfuls, pretty mild. Strawberries.. contain Vitamin C, useful for scurvy. cooling. can be used to wash teeth as a toothpaste. Roses - Average rose has 212 different chemicals, as of last year only 23 identified. The fruit, Rosehips contain Vit C.. make a tea, dont chew. Petals and leaves decoction used as a wash, douche, and poultice for inflammed wounds. Use Fragrant roses. Wild Rose powder was used by natives for wounds.. used by medics in WWII as a wound packer. Blackberry leaves - cure for dysentery, more prevalent in developing countries and after hurricanes eg Katrina. Simmer at least 15 mins. Light green - Brown in colour depending on time simmered.. Astringent. Use light green for a child. Pine needle tea.. cedar.. used as a wash, also for Vit C Dandelion.. also known as dent-de-lion (lion teeth) and pis-en-lit (piss in the bed) - this herb is a diuretic.. can be used in salads, juiced. If there is cirrhosis of the liver use root. If there is 1/3rd of the liver left, this will grow it back. Eat fresh as much as you can eat everyday! Also good for this is Red Root.. Ceanothus. Gingko - good for high altitude pulmonary odema.. make tea, chew it, ferment root. Camelia leaves bring down blood sugar if diabetic.. Simmer 5-10 mins at most.. sip 1/4 cups throughout the day. You can use loquat leaves the same way, it will bring down your blood sugar by 20-30 points. Also avocado leaves and dried avocado peels.. Klosses Pickles will bring down your blood sugar even more dramatically.. cucumbers in general.. 200 points as will aloe vera. Cleavers -bedstraw.. use in tea, juice, vinegar for urinary tract infections. Rids urinary tract of infection. good lymphatic. Aloe vera.. use for radiation burns externally. Internally , bitter.. use for diabetes if blood sugar is high.. not as safe as pickles or other herbs as it drops blood sugar very fast... ! Aloe also slightly anti microbial.. use on cuts.               
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