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  • Tincture Wild Cherry Bark, Yerba Santa, Cinnamon 1oz
    Tincture Wild Cherry Bark, Yerba Santa, Cinnamon 1oz

    Wild Cherry Bark, Yerba Santa and Cinnamon

    This is a great formula for dry non-productive coughs, and asthma related respiratory conditions.. It is helpful in relaxing a spasmodic cough so rest or sleep can be had. All the herbs here in this formula taste pleasant making this a tasty medicine to swallow!

    Tincture Base - Rum 151

  • Tincture Angelica, Horehound, Mullein, Liquorice, Thyme 1oz
    Tincture Angelica, Horehound, Mullein, Liquorice, Thyme 1oz

    Angelica, Horehound, Mullein, Liquorice, Thyme

    This blend is one of the oldest formulas I have used, and have found it to be effective with stubborn coughs that linger on.. The formula contains warming, anti microbial, expectorant, soothing and healing agents that help in many ways with coughs, sore throats and respiratory conditions as well as a bitter-sweet-pungent blend that benefits digestion and gastro-intestinal health.

    Tincture Base - Rum 151.

  • Tincture Passionflower, Motherwort, Kava Kava 1oz
    Tincture Passionflower, Motherwort, Kava Kava 1oz

    Passionflower, Motherwort and Kava Kava

    Calming sedating blend that will help reduce anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, related to stressfully experienced social situations, depression, menstrual or menopausal symptoms and physical pain from nervous origin.

    Tincture Base - Vodka

  • Feverfew, Gingko, Valerian, Peppermint and Ginger
    Feverfew, Gingko, Valerian, Peppermint and Ginger

    Feverfew, Gingko, Ginger, Peppermint and Valerian

    This formula combines herbs that help with migraine and headaches.. with symptoms and prevention (feverfew leaves taken daily is said to help prevent migraines) as well as herbs that improve circulation as well as nausea (peppermint, ginger, gingko) and sedate pain (valerian).

    As a sufferer of post partum migraines, I know how debilitating these can be, and have looked everywhere to find something helpful... as it turned out these were plants all growing in my garden (except ginger!)
    Often what we need is right underfoot :)

    Tincture Base - Rum & Everclear

  • Liver Tonic
    Liver Tonic

    Oregon Grape Root, Dandelion, Burdock, Milk Thistle, Yellow Dock, White Peony.

  • Immune Tonic
    Immune Tonic

    Elderberries, Licorice, Schisandra, Red Root, Rosehips, Ashwagandha, Echinacea, Rose Petals, Milk Thistle, Rosemary.

  • Cough Syrup
    Cough Syrup

    Fennel Seed, California Poppy, Echinacea, Fresh Thyme, Raw Local Honey.
    Brandy Base.

  • Allergy relief
    Allergy relief

    Nettles, Yerba Santa, Eyebright, Gingko, Rosemary and Goldenseal leaf
    Vodka Base.

  • After Birth Formula
    After Birth Formula

    Cramp Bark, Chamomile, Motherwort, Raspberry Leaf, Partridge Berry, Shatavari
    Vodka Base.

  • Anti-Viral

    Echinacea, Baptisia ~Wild Indigo root, Osha Root.

  • Beaten up, broken bones formula!
    Beaten up, broken bones formula!

    Comfrey, True Soloman Seal, Mullein, Wood Betony.

  • Pregnancy Tonic Tea
    Pregnancy Tonic Tea

    Nettles, Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Rosehips, Red Clover,

  • Sitz Bath Herbs
    Sitz Bath Herbs

    Calendula Flowers, Plantain, Comfrey leaf, Yarrow leaf and flowers, Sea Salt.

    Calendula flowers (Calendula Officinalis) - (calendula officials) - calendula is a great antiseptic, as well as being anti fungal and antiviral. It lessens inflammation and cleanses the body via the lymph system. It is often used for painful scars and thus may be helpful for cesarean scars as well as perineal tears or episiotomy.

    Plantain Leaf - (plantago spp) - plantain is cooling and has the effect of drawing out impurities. It coats and soothes mucous membranes and lessens inflammation in tissues.

    Comfrey Leaf - (symphytum officials) -Comfrey is soothing, constrictive and healing for wounds, cuts and tears. It is a cell proliferant - it promotes speedy wound healing both inside and outside the body. NOTE: If there is infection present, do not use Comfrey as it will heal the outside so quickly that it may heal over infected tissues inside. Make sure wound is clean before using Comfrey.

    Yarrow Leaf and Flowers - (alchillea millefolium) - Yarrow is useful for stopping excessive bleeding and acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as being anti bacterial and antimicrobial, and helps to relieve pain. It can also be used for varicose veins.

  • Mamas Milk Tea
    Mamas Milk Tea

    Alfalfa, Blessed Thistle, Borage, Oatstraw, Fennel and Fenugreek.

  • Kava maple vanilla
    Kava maple vanilla

    Kava slow cooked in maple syrup with vanilla bean.

  • Yummy Tummy Tea
    Yummy Tummy Tea

    Yummy Digestive roots and flowers to help increase warmth and circulation to the digestive system.